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What is Terraso

  • a tool for collecting and sharing data
  • a tool for storytelling
  • a tool for mapping

Terraso is an open source technology platform designed to help local community leaders practice Integrated Landscape Management (ILM). Terraso will provide these leaders with powerful sustainability tools to advance multi-stakeholder partnerships, build a shared understanding of the challenges and features of a landscape, plan for action, and measure their success.

Who is terraso for

  • Local landscspe users
  • Landscape Supporters
  • I think we need a better list
Romer Ochoa demonstrates his hydroponic approach to growing lettuce.

Our Users

Map of the world with pins indicating where the co-design partners are located.

Our Values

Terraso is co-designed with landscape leaders around the world, and built from the ground up with their values in mind.

Terraso respects that landscape data belongs to landscapes, not outsiders.

Terraso is a durable digital good ÔÇô organized and managed to last a lifetime.

Terraso supports community needs: mobile first, localized, and functional offline.

Terraso is open source, now and forever.

Core Partners

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